My Heart Knows True

One Man’s Inspirational Journey Into the Heart

A little book with a big heart
Start to heal in one sitting
It contains wisdom for living
My heart knows true…
My heart knows you

Surrounded with beauty and grace
Written with Love by Mathias

 Paperback Premium Color – $35.95

Foreword by Mathias

“Change is always happening, it’s all around us all the time. Sometimes change can be slight… sometimes it can be moderate… and sometimes it can be dramatic and powerful…”  

My Heart Knows True is a unique combination of inspirational writings that show a depth and spectrum of understanding in true wisdom that opens the heart to feeling complete passion or compassion. Arriving at a time when humankind’s journey into separation has become stretched to the limits, and mankind struggles to make its shift from a mental ego society into a more heartfelt eco-friendly society. This collection of poetic, sincere understandings is combined in a transformational and mystical manner that takes the reader far deeper than they expect. It unlocks the beauty of the heart. As the elegant words enrapture the heart with an almost unimaginable depth of feeling, they are combined with stunning High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography that truly elicits awe and wonder from our other senses. The photos show us a broader spectrum of photographic exposures that are always present in life but not seen with normal spectrum eyesight. The beauty of these artistic photos move us beyond the boundaries of normal vision into the “poetic” side of photography. In a sound bite world, it connects us with the depths of our heart and the awe of our beauty. The effect of this unusual combination of writings and photography initiates us into a sensation and spiritual state of being unlike any other book of its kind.

The Perfect Inspirational Restbite

Take a Journey Into the Heart with Mathias

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The Sweetest of You

I felt a time
A time with you
As friends in trust
We braved the world
There is the sweetest of you
I remember it well
The center of heart
The life of things
It’s cherished forever, shining forward
I carry on, leading with love
But someday, always alive
My hope for true friends
That live in love
And feel in time, once again
The sweetest of you

Peaceful, Loving and True

No one can say which way to go
Up and down and all around
There is fun for you and blue for you
Step true to you
Guide to inspire Or prepare to despair
There are only two ways through
To become peaceful, loving and true
All roads lead to one
Some more adventurous, some more treacherous
But whichever way the heart speaks
It is best and wise to follow its course
There are accoutrements of the heart
To fill its request is the journey
Soul’s expression in life – is you
Pray that you walk the path of peaceful, loving & true

Freedom to Be

I’d like to share this essence of me
So that you might have the freedom to be
A little bit here
A little touch there
Soon, you’ll find it everywhere
Locked in love
Lifted in life
We decide which is right
I honor my guests
They grace me with presence
I reach in kind to spend some time
I share my wine
I am grateful, this I say
For I am here with you today

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Publication Information

ISBN: 978-0-692-87122-5
Paperback & Hardback: 112 pages

Published: First Edition: May 5, 2017;
Available in: English

Available at Bookstores Everywhere
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