The Final Word…
Is where nothing else is ever argued, changed or spoken
Like death of the visible
What lies inside may be quiet and still…or not so
As one door closes and another opens
The final word, as in the end of a sentence,
end of a story, end of a book or spoken in life
All carry significance to be sure,
But not to be judged on its own
Although judgement it may be
“Guilty” came the word with a slam of the gavel
Carrying the weight of finality and consequence
Or, “Not Guilty” came the words that elicited a gasp from the crowd
Issuing words of freedom for some, perhaps less so for others
Surely, what precedes any final momentous words
Has its own merit and perhaps more so,
Than the final word itself…
As stories and life unfold and beg to be told
What say you… to be your final words to speak
Born from the journey that precedes
The Final Word

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