• “Thank you for knowing me. When I thought there was none, There was you…” - Mathias
  • “Ever expansive and unfathomably deep… The feeling surrounds us, rich, quiet and mysterious” - Mathias

My Heart Knows True - Available May 5th, 2017

One Man's Inspirational Journey into the Heart

Change is always happening, it’s all around us all the time. Sometimes change can be slight… sometimes it can be moderate… and sometimes it can be dramatic and powerful.
Many of us may be struggling in life and trying to make sense of it all while striving toward a more holistic destiny of oneness. But as life happens and time unfolds, sometimes events conspire to change our destiny in ways that are unimaginable. I had some of these powerful changes occur in my life.

For the most part, I had done a pretty good job of navigating a lot of the curves and turns in the road of life. Having attended an ancient school of wisdom for almost a dozen years, I had acquired the foundational experiences and understandings needed to put my life on track for what I thought I wanted. I had a successful business, a secure, long term relationship, I was in very good health, and had a decent amount of money in the bank. Then in 2011 everything started to change…

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