Immersed in the Soul of Spirit












One of the sweetest thoughts I have had… or heard or read before, I really don’t remember who or when or where it was, said this…


“Those who seek for a love so deep

so that is all they can see in all directions…

Have found themselves immersed in the soul of spirit.”


Take a moment to dream upon this for awhile.

The richness of spirit is all around us all the time. Taken for granted, forgotten and left behind in our fast paced, instant gratification, sound bite world.


“A love so deep… to have found themselves immersed in the soul of spirit”


Sounds like a dream, an experience, an adventure close to the heart. It must be close to home, our true home.


It seems to me that in our era and time, especially in the USA, that a spiritual connection is needing to awaken in a more profound way. I’m not talking about religion. Because in the very early days religion was helpful to point the way for a heathonistic society to follow. But over time, religion stole the prize of enlightenment from many people by defining God and spirituality in terms of an institution and dogma and “shoulds and shouldn’ts” and taught that God is “out there” somewhere else… it’s not you or in you or presenting as you.


Consequently, those dogmas and institutions kept people and our society from that deep spiritual connection that truly empowers each one of us. Religion “en masse” causes people to look outside of themselves for something else and to give their power away to someone or something else. This results in missing the birth point of their own souls elevated journey.


In the light of such missed truths or half truths… people eventually turn their back on these sources, as much of contemporary religions are losing their followings and congregation. This is a good thing. Ardent, strict fundamentalist religions and religious zealots have been responsible for as much or more of the worlds wars, hatreds and atrocities than almost any other single reason. So pulling away from organized religion is a step.


But the next question that then arises is, where is the real truth and guidance and helpfulness that people might find to grow their own spirituality and divine beauty? After all, even with the half truths and the misguided religions of the world, the onus is still on us to not let our own spiritual light go out. It is up to us to define the time.


With half truths from religion and no truths from politics and government, we need our individual spiritual awakenings to happen “en masse”. I offer this thought and meditation to help right the course.


“Those who seek for a love so deep

so that is all they can see in all directions…

Have found themselves immersed in the soul of spirit.”


Namaste, my beautiful friends!





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