“Guide to Inspire or Prepare to Despair”

“Guide to Inspire or Prepare to Despair”
— Mathias “My Heart Knows True”

That is a line out of one of my inspirational writings called “Peaceful Loving and True” in my book called “My Heart Knows True” found at TrueHeartLegacy.com .

It is so true that there really is only two ways that bring about change. That is though either inspiration or desperation. I have done both. Believe me inspiration is so much better than the experience of desperation. We can get inspired to take a leap forward with a new thought, new idea, challenge or desire. We are enthused with possibilities and potentials. Often times we don’t even know fully how we intend to pull off our newly inspired activity or event. But that is ok, as long as we can see our next step forward that is all you need. If you are following spirit and your inner guidance, it will show you your next course of action in due time.

Conversely, failing to be inspired and to greet some “newness” in your life with enthusiasm, keeps you locked into repeating the past yesterdays over and over again until something happens. Shift happens. It seems like it comes out of left field, unannounced and catches you off guard. Something pushes you to change, to take on a “newness” of some sort. Depending on the circumstances, this can be a mild tepidness or apprehension, but you soon pick up the pace and if you march forwarded things aren’t so bad.

However, in some more extreme cases you may really have your ass to the wall and then it is uncomfortable and difficult and you have a whole onslaught of emotions to deal with. You simply have no choice. That kind of desperation is not fun at all. That is what I had to deal with. Some of that experience is outlined in the introduction of my book, “My Heart Knows True”. The flow of days, weeks and months resulted in some of these heartfelt writings and wisdoms and awarenesses that I share throughout the book. It’s an unusual ride. It is a quick read to get to it’s wisdoms rather than having to go through the experiences that I had. I think you might enjoy this healing book. Take care my friend, Namaste!

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