The Beautiful Photography of My Heart Knows True

My Heart Knows True is considered a beautiful book that’s full of heartfelt and emotional prayers and poems that were written by a man who went on an inspirational journey after experiencing a devastating personal setback in his life. And while many people have said the book moved them to tears, or changed the way they thought about life, what you may not know is that it’s also filled with beautiful photographs that were taken by the same man who wrote the book, Mathias.

Mathias is an expressive personality, as evidenced by the words in his books, but that creative genius isn’t limited to words. His photography has often been called magical artwork because of the way he approaches his subjects. His talent is portrayed by the way he graces each scene with a depth of color and perception that is uncommon in other’s work. His unique style encompasses a vividness that is difficult to explain unless you’ve seen it. In other words, Mathias approaches photography in the same manner as he does his writings. He digs deep and looks for the extraordinary in the scene and then uses his perception to hone in on what makes it unique. That coupled with his talent for cutting edge photography, results in photos that are so real they touch the depths of the view’s soul. 

But he doesn’t stop there. Mathias spent a lot of painstaking time matching each one of his photographs to the perfect poem in his book. And the result is a breathtaking mix of stunning photography paired with deeply felt words.

If you haven’t yet read My Heart Knows True, the vivid photography in the book is just one more reason why you should. You’ll be able to sit back and learn from his wisdom while you take in the beauty that is a direct result of his compassionate creativity.

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