Do You Know More Than You Think You Know?

Todays lofty inspiring thought…. Do you know more than you think you know?

There is an old expression that says: “You are what you eat.”  I think it was Adele Davis that coined that phrase many years ago. I on the other hand, believe this: “You are what you think.”  One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to give yourself lofty and inspiring thoughts as often as possible. That way the mind, that is the architect for creation, has more building blocks and tools in which to work with. So, that is sort of the point for this blog category. To lift and inspire and even ponder out loud some of those things that might not find a way into your life during your regular daily routine.

The thought today that I wanted to share with you was that quite possibly you know more than you think you know. Most of us recognize that we don’t know all that much in terms of  the sheer volume of what can actually be known. There are of course aspects of some peoples personalities that actually “Know it All” so to speak. Watch out for those people. But that is not what I am talking about. I am referring to the idea that if you had to do this or that project, creation or event – at first you might feel like it is a daunting task or that you feel like you know absolutely nothing about it. When in fact, as you step closer to the puzzle, you realize there is one small thing that you know, then another small thing becomes evident, then even larger pieces come into focus. What is happening is that sometimes we move into different parts of our brain that tap into greater knowledge than what we have stored in our conscious awareness. Stepping out of the way in terms of attitudes that could block the greater mind from coming through is a key part to achieving a greater reality and understanding of who we are and our grander capabilities.

Keeping your focus firmly on something that you want to achieve or accomplish while holding the space open that allows something new, or just other information to arrive, will often surprise you and in many ways show you that there is a genius inside of you. The brain is actually a receiver and being open to receive new thought is different than actually listening to your old rerun thoughts that are driven by attitudes and the ego and roll around like loose marbles on a tile floor. The next time you have a different project or job to accomplish, stay calm, quiet the mind and focus intently on the item, event or concept. Just look at it. Don’t think. Peer at it deeply. Then see what “communication” just comes to you. That new communication can be like a thread that unravels more and more details and ideas. You may be surpassed by what you learn and accomplish.

My name is Mathias. Stay tuned for more lofty inspiring thoughts.



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