My Heart Knows True Delves into the Depths of the Heart

Every now and then a book comes along that challenges the status quo and causes people to think about life differently. My Heart Knows True is one of those books. The author, Mathias, underwent a deep and personal trauma recently and while dealing with the aftereffects of an ended relationship with his long-term love, he went deep inside himself to ride out the grieving process.

And he discovered an important part of himself that has always been there, but had remained silent and unexplored. In his grief, he discovered his heart.

And so he decided to listen to this unexplored part of himself, and what he walked away with changed his life. His heart spoke to him and guided him to a place of peace and acceptance, and as he went through the process, he wrote the prayers and poems that sprang from that secret place and later compiled them all into this book.

My Heart Knows True is a record of the journey that Mathias went through, and the pages in it document the lessons and truths that he learned. Now, he’s made this wisdom available to anyone who cares to read the writings.

The book begins with the grief. He explores the feelings and emotions that he experienced as he faced the truth that his lifelong love was leaving him. In a raw, honest language, he opens himself up and shares with readers how the traumatic events affected him.

And if the book stopped there, it would only be another book about the pain that comes from a traumatic event. But Mathias refused to get stuck in the pain, and instead began seeking healing from his own heart.

And as you read the book, you’ll travel with him as he learns and uncovers the wisdom for healing that had resided in him all along. You’ll be swept away as you read about his discoveries and the ultimate peace that he experienced.

Whether you’re going through you own traumatic event or you enjoy reading about the journeys of others, you’ll love reading My Hearts Knows True. It’s an honest book that will leave readers in a contemplative and hopeful state of mind.

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